Demystifying OSHA Part 2

In this episode, I continue the Demystifying OSHA series with a review of the OSHA compliance enforcement playbooks: Field Operation Manual and Compliance Letters. Tip of the Week: Take an OSHA masterclass to help understand how to better serve your clients. Listen to “SC43 Demystifying OSHA Part 2” on Spreaker.

Demystifying OSHA Part 1

Have you ever felt lost in the regulations or compliance requirements? Sometimes, trying to find the wording for safety compliance messages is a difficult undertaking. Well, this episode will give you an understanding of how to navigate OSHA to understand the agency, regulations, and compliance concerns. What you don’t know can lead to citations. Tip […]

Mean of Egress

In this video, you can be the consultant and analyze a few pictures to see where the OSHA violations would be in the picture. This is from a hotel in South Florida. Look at 29 CFR 1910 Subpart E